WCAG 2.0 Adoption Guidance

Question: Should organizations attempt to meet the WCAG 2.0 guidelines?

Answer: Yes.

SSB BART Group actively participated in the 2.0 update of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (as well as the Section 508 ‘Refresh’). WCAG 2.0 provides an updated set of web technology neutral accessibility guidelines. We recommend that our clients follow all formal and relevant accessibility guidelines. It is our recommendation that organizations should adopt WCAG 2.0 in place of WCAG 1.0 requirements unless the organization has other reasons to keep specific WCAG 1.0 checkpoints. In these cases, we recommend the organization adopt WCAG 2 and include other specific checkpoints from WCAG 1.0 as is deemed appropriate by the organization. For WCAG 2 we recommend achieving Level A and AA conformance. The AMP platform tests for all WCAG 2 guidelines as well as many other accessibility standards including WCAG 1.0 and Section 508.

SSB has always taken an aggressive, proactive stance toward accessibility. One result is that a large number of SSB’s standard Best Practices already cover the success criteria for WCAG 2.0 as well as mapping them to the appropriate checkpoints of WCAG 1.0 (or Section 508 1194.22 or 1194.31) standards. SSB added additional best practices that were new to WCAG 2.0. The new best practices on the whole address many new WCAG Level AAA requirements. As always, Best Practices include clear descriptions and recommendations, non-compliant and compliant code examples, instructions for various methods of testing (e.g. visual, code review, screen reader testing), and the specific WCAG checkpoint (and/or Section 508 paragraph) it is mapped to.

SSB is committed to updating its comprehensive set of Best Practices and Methodology at least every 6 months for its clients to utilize and incorporate into their web development standards and practices. The inclusion of the updates for the Section 508 ‘Refresh’ are anticipated to occur next.

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