Section 508 versus WCAG

This page provides a basic overview of the comparison between Section 508, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 and WCAG 2.0. It should be consulted for general guidance on how the different standards and guidelines relate to one another.

§ 508-1194.22 Web Sites and Applications

Section 508 StandardsWCAG 1WCAG 2
(a) Text equivalent of non-text items 1.1 1.1.1,1.4.5
(b) Provide synchronized alternatives for media 1.4 1.2.1
(c) Information should not be conveyed only with color 2.1 1.4.1
(d) Documents must be readable without style sheets 6.1 NA
(e) Redundant text link for server-side image maps 1.2 Multiple
(f) Client side images maps should be used 9.1 Multiple
(g) Identify table headers 5.1 1.3.1
(h) Associate table and header cells 5.2 1.3.1
(i) Properly title frames 12.1 4.1.2
(j) Avoid causing pages to flicker 7.1 2.3.1
(k) As a last resort provide a text-only page 11.4 NA
(l) Ensure scripts are accessible Multiple Multiple
(m) Provide a link to an accessible plug-in Multiple Multiple
(n) Ensure electronic forms are accessible Multiple Multiple
(o) Provide a method for skipping repetitive links 13.6 2.4.1
(p) Ensure user control over timed responses 7 2.2.1


§ 508-1194.31 Functional performance criteria

Section 508 StandardsWCAG 1WCAG 2
(a) Ensure access for blind and visually impaired Multiple Multiple
(b) Ensure access for low vision users Multiple Multiple
(c) Ensure access for deaf individuals Multiple Multiple
(d) Ensure access for users with assistive hearing devices Multiple Multiple
(e) Ensure user speech is not required for access Multiple Multiple
(f) Ensure users with mobility impairments can use application Multiple Multiple


§ 508-1194.41 Information, documentation, and support

Section 508 StandardsWCAG 1WCAG 2
(a) Product documentation must be provided in alternate formats None None
(b) Describe accessibility features properly None None
(c) Support the communication mode of disabled users None None
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